Our business design is based upon consumers being successful (repaying their loans on time and settling their credit card balances). When they require more time, we work together with them to discover an option that works. No rollovers, no financial obligation traps. Ever.

Generally, payday lending institutions deal with all their consumers the very same: Repeat debtors with best payment records are charged the exact same interest and charges as unverified novice customers.

We believe that's incorrect. We constructed the Our Company Ladder to incentivize accountable actions and make it possible for debtors to make access to bigger loans at lower interest rates over time. In states where we provide installment loans, customers can even make access to credit-reporting loans. We make every effort to offer an actionable course for consumers in qualified states to go up and make access to more cash at a lower expense.

And we're conserving our consumers genuine cash. The chart you see here is based upon the typical Annual Percentage Rate, or APR, taken pleasure in by real Our Company consumers who live in states with complete Ladders and select the least pricey loan readily available to them.


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I asked him, how can they can validate such huge interest charges. His reply was "Because we can. There are loopholes out there that permit us to do this. This is a high risk loan for the majority of cases so we need to charge enough to taken care of bad loans and to make an earnings.".

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